A professionally prepared landscape plan must be submitted to the Landscape Design Consultant prior to commencement of any work. Approval must be issued prior to pouring of any concrete flat works.

The Landscape/Hardscape plan must include:

  •          Location, colour and material of all driveways, sidewalks, stairs, pools, patios, retaining walls and any detached structures.
  •          Design for all areas of the property (front, rear and side yards).
  •          Legend of all plants.
  •          Location of all softscapes.
  •          Location of any ponds or water features.
  •          Location of front yard feature (address and lighting)
  •          Location and description of any fencing.
  •          Owner information.
  •          Landscape Contractor information.

All aspects of the landscaping must adhere to the Landscape Design Guidelines.

The Landscape Design Consultant has sole discretion on final approval of any plans and applications submitted.

Applications that are submitted and are in compliance with all the above information will usually be processed within 5 business days. Once the design approval has been issued, any revisions must be submitted in writing for approval by the Landscape Design Consultant.


  • Professionally prepared landscape drawings must be submitted and approved prior to commencement of any landscaping.
  • Landscaping is to be completed within 6 months of completion of home construction. Extensions may be granted due to weather and the time of year.
  • Landscape plans are to include the location, sizes and materials of all hardscape areas including driveways, sidewalks, stairs, patios, pools, pathways, arbors and any detached structures.
  • Landscape plans are to include a plant legend indicating all trees, shrubs, plants and turf areas. Lawns can be natural or synthetic turf. The use of native plants to the Okanagan is encouraged. 3 gallon plants are the minimum acceptable size.
  • Planting areas are to contain extensive landscape plants and must be finished with decorative landscape rock or bark mulch.
  • Each lot must be irrigated with a timed underground irrigation system.
  • Each yard to have a minimum of one tree in the front yard and should not exceed the maximum mature height of 20’.
  • Fencing for side and rear yards can be either black ornamental metal or black powder coated chain link. If black powder coated chain link fencing is used it must be screened with planting material to disguise its appearance. Maximum height for all fencing is to be 5’. No vinyl or wood fencing will be allowed
  • All hedging must be maintained at a maximum height of 6’.
  • Each home must have a front yard feature included as part of the landscaping. This can be a large decorative rock, decorative concrete etc located in the front landscape area. This feature is to include a light and house address numbers.
  • All pool equipment must be enclosed in a separate structure that matches the design and colours of the home.
  • Pools are to have fencing that meets the District of West Kelowna’s Bylaws as well as these Landscape Guidelines.

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